Notary Signature San Diego

A document requires a Notary Public’s signature. What does this mean? Does this mean that the document needs notarization or witnessing? Do I still have to sign the document if it requires a notary signature?
Some documents you may encounter require that it be notarized, but has nowhere for you, the client in possession of the document to sign. This often confuses the role of the notary signature San Diego. Notary signature are placed on a document in the process of notarizing the signature of a signer. Notary signature are not placed on a document that do not have another signer on them. The sole purpose of notarization is to identify and verify that a signer is indeed who they claim to be within the document, and that they actually were the ones to sign the document.
What kind of documents require a notary signature San Diego Notary Public? Some documents that we see that require notarization but do not have a place for a client to sign, are “certified copies” of documents, pictures, etc that are issued by someone else and the client possesses. These are not able to be notarized in California, since a notary signature and seal is placed on a document to verify the signature of someone else, there must always be a signature required or made by the client presenting the document in order for it to be notarized.
Sometimes there are escrow documents that require a Notary signature in order to provide their information about their commission, but this is not considered notarization, and does not require a seal from the notary public since there is no appropriate notarization wording.
Always ensure that if you need a notary signature to notarize a document, that your document meets the proper legal requirements, such as requiring you, the client to sign the document, and that it indeed requires notarization and not just the Notary’s contact information.

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