Mobile Notary Fees

*These fees are already inclusive of notarizing UP TO FOUR signatures in the price. There is additional charges if it is over four notarized signatures.

San Diego Notary Fees

Mobile Notary Zone #1 (up to four signatures included)$45
Mobile Notary Zone #2 (up to four signatures included)$55
Mobile Notary Zone #3 (up to four signatures included)$65
Mobile Notary Zone #4 (up to four signatures included)$75
Mobile Notary Zone #5 (up to four signatures included)$85
Jail Signing (up to four signatures)$100
Estate Document Signing-Includes Most notarizations, travel, and witnessing (1 signer being notarized)(Extra if far travel or excess sigs)$80
Estate Document Signing-includes most notarizations, travel, and witnessing (2 signers being notarized)(Extra if far travel or excess sigs)$100
Power of attorney copy$15
Copy of Journal$.30
Extra signatures over 4$5 per
Mobile notary fees 1-5 and jail signing include up to four signatures. Extra $5 per
Monthly Notary Service PlanEmail to inquire
San Diego Notary Now mobile notary fee schedule

San Diego Notary Now’s mobile Notary fees are affordable and include up to four signatures to be notarized.  Fees will always be provided upfront based on information you, the client, provide. Quote is subject to change if additional signatures are being notarized at the time of the appointment.

Inquire about a quote if you have special requests such as printing, shipping, etc.
Inquire for a loan signing quote. The below prices apply to loans if the documents to be notarized are pulled from the loan documents to be signed promptly.

We accept cash, credit, debit, company checks, Venmo, and square digital invoicing for remote payment via card or ACH.

Please request a quote. Pricing is based on distance from the Notary’s location.

Zip codes serviced: 92037921019210292103921049210592106921079210892109921109211192113921149211692117921199212292123921249212692129, 92132, 92134, 92140, 92145, 92147, 92173, 92115, 92154, etc. etc.

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