Notary Fees. What are San Diego Notary Public fees?

Effective January 01, 2017, California Law Mandated Maximum fee per signature for Notary services has increased from $10 to $15 per signature.

One of the most important questions when you realize you need to get something notarized is, how much are the notary fees? There are many factors that determines the total cost of getting something notarized. The basis for determining fees includes: fee per number of signatures, and travel/extra services fees. Many companies, unlike myself, charge for travel + per signature + extra fee based on time of day + extra fee if the signing is at a difficult location such as a hospital. A typical fee would be $40 for travel + $15 per signature + $20 for early/late signing or weekend signing + $20 if signing in a hospital= $80 + $15 per signature.

We calculate our notary fees very differently than most companies do. We charge only based on distance from our location within different zones of San Diego, and it includes the first four signatures to be notarized in that flat fee. Any signatures over four are just $5.00 each. So if you are in zone 1 for travel, your fee would be $45.00 and that would include the travel+ up to four signatures. Regardless of location of the signing, or time of day, it is based purely on the distance. If there is a significant parking fee at a location, you would be asked to pay that, or if you request additional services like to courier the documents somewhere after the signing there would be an additional charge. But the basic notary fees are just a flat rate that include the first four signatures so most signings are a maximum of $85.00 and thats based on the furthest we travel. Even if you need a lot of signatures, our notary fees are often half of what other companies notary fees are.

The maximum that can be charged per signature(not including travel or other fees that are additional) is $15 per signature. What counts as a signature? One person signing one time = 1 signature. If 2 people sign once on the same document = 2 signatures. 1 person signs on 3 different documents = 3 signatures total. And so on, it is calculated by= # of documents to be notarized x number of people signing each document= number of signatures being notarized.

If you have any questions regarding California maximum notary fees, or our notary fees, please contact us. We are a San Diego Mobile Notary Service and would be glad to assist you with your signing at low flat rate notary fees.

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