San Diego County Notary: Notarized with expired ID

San Diego County Notary: Notarized with expired ID

In the process of notarizing documents, the issue of expired identification is one that presents itself quite frequently. Whether you just did not get around to getting your ID renewed, or if you are elderly and have not needed an ID in a long time, getting paperwork notarized without a valid ID is possible, but only with following certain guidelines and notifying the San Diego County Notary Public ahead of time that your ID has expired. The following information is based on our California Notary Public training and education. It is not legal advice and expired ID may not be acceptable for the receiver of the document, such as loan documents, but is applicable for completing the notarization in California.

Step one: Identify whether your ID is expired (which you likely have already done).

Step two: Check what date the ID was issued. If the ID is expired, but was issued within FIVE years from the date of the notarization, it can be accepted as long as all of the other ID criteria are met. In the case of driver’s licenses and state ID cards, it is usually always accepted if it was issued within FIVE years. (Some notaries do not check for this when they hear expired identification, so make sure to inform them if you have an ID that was issued within five years so that they know they can still proceed with the notarization).

Step three: If it is expired and was issued over five years ago, go get the ID renewed, or present a different type of identification that is satisfactory and unexpired.

Alternate step three: If conditions are met to where it is unreasonable for the signer to go obtain a valid identification, and no valid identification exists at the time of the notarization, one may request that the San Diego County Notary Public verify the signers identity using “Credible Witnesses.” Unreasonable ability to obtain ID is at the discretion of the Notary Public, and usually applies to elderly who are hospitalized or unable to be transported to an office to obtain new valid ID.

Conditions of using TWO (2) credible witnesses:

The San Diego County Notary Public first must establish the identities of the two credible witnesses by the presentation of VALID proper identification. Under oath, the credible witnesses must swear or affirm under penalty of perjury to each of the following things:

1. The individual appearing before the notary public as the signer of the document is the person named in the document;

2. The credible witness personally knows the signer;

3. The credible witness reasonably believes that the circumstances of the signer are such that it would be very difficult or impossible for the signer to obtain another form of identification;

4. The signer does not possess any of the identification documents authorized by law to establish the signer’s identity; and

5. The credible witness does not have a financial interest and is not named in the document signed.

Obtaining notarization when you have an expired ID can be difficult, but it is possible when certain conditions can be met. San Diego Notary Now operates as a San Diego County Notary and strives to assist in making the notarization process as simple as possible, and will gladly provide notary services if the conditions above are met.  It is important to contact a legal professional/lawyer in the case of whether the receiver of the document will accept the alternative method of identification, and with any other questions regarding preparing and understanding legal documents. Notary Publics are only responsible for identifying and notarizing customers based on the California Notary Public laws, and cannot provide assistance if the conditions of the Notary laws are not met.

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