San Diego Loan Signing Agent

We specialize in San Diego loan signing agent services. Along with the need for a Notary Public; comes the need for a loan signing agent. What is the difference between a Notary Public and a loan signing agent? The biggest differences come from the different in responsibilities, and knowledge required.

What responsibilities does a loan signing agent have that a Notary Public does not?

Loan signing agents are responsible for the signing transaction from printing the paperwork to getting the online loan application properly delivered to the lender/title office by mail, or hand delivery. This includes the signing agent printing, reviewing, presenting, notarizing, checking, double checking, packaging, delivering, and mailing of mortgage loan documents.

What does a loan signing agent need to know that a Notary Public does not?

A loan signing agent must be familiar with a wide variety of documents, lender/title procedures and requirements, proper notarization for properties/transaction in other states, how to handle issues that arise with the documents or the signing procedure, where to find information that a signer may look for in the 100’s of pages that the loan signing agent presents to them. How to check for each and every checked box, initials, signature, information to be filled in. Loan signing agents must review each and every page of the 100’s of loan papers in order to ensure the signer did not miss any initials or signatures on the documents which could delay them buying, selling, or refinancing their homes.

Are loan signing agents certified or educated besides being commissioned as a Notary Public?

Notary Publics are not required to have special certification in order to notarize real estate documents, or mortgage documents. However, loan signing agents do obtain certification, training, background checks, and broad knowledge of the whole loan signing process in order to do their job. It takes extensive learning in order to be efficient as a loan signing agent and ensure that each signing is accurate, and does not need to be redone and delay the process. You must be familiar with where to point borrowers/signers to find a document, however you cannot interpret the documents terms for them. But if a borrower asks where to find their interest rate, payment amount, etc. you can show them where in the set of documents they can find this information. If you are not a certified loan signing agent, you would not know how to provide this information and it would greatly delay the signing process and cause the loan signing agent to be at the appointment for longer than necessary and create undue stress for the signers.

Where are our loan signing agents certified and background checked?

Our loan signing agents are certified through the National Notary Association NNA, Notary2Pro, and our background checks are through the NNA. All of which must be renewed on an annual basis to keep up with changes in loan signing regulations, documents, and ensure every loan signing agent passes a background check.

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