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San Diego Notary Now Monthly Service

San Diego Notary Now offers Mobile Notary Public services throughout San Diego County and is proud to be the exclusive go to Notary service for many local businesses.

Recognizing that many businesses have high expenses from utilizing Mobile Notaries on a frequent basis every month we have began to implement the option for our customers to set up a monthly Notary Service account that will allow them one rate to pay monthly for their notary service.

The rate will be based on how many estimated visits the company requires/desires and will include an allotted time per visit.

The service package will be customized to the needs of the client and all services included in the price will be clearly outlined and agreed to.

Purchasing of a monthly package does not guarantee that a Notary Public will be able to accommodate each and every specific time that is requested if there is not an opening in the schedule, so this would be most beneficial for businesses looking to save money versus paying per visit, and who are flexible on scheduling or who do not require very last minute appointments on a frequent basis.

If you would like to discuss pricing and if this would be a good fit for your company please contact us via email providing the following information:
1. How many visits per month do you require a mobile Notary Public?
2. Are you notarizing for someone in your company, or clients?
3. How many notarized signatures do you usually need at each signing? (How many documents x how many signers being notarized)
4. Are you flexible with what days/times you need notarization?
5. Is there a specific day/time of the month/week you would want to have blocked off for a notary to be present there every time?
6. How much are you currently paying on average per month / per visit for notary service?

We look forward to discussing the Monthly Service package and how it may be able to benefit your business and cut costs on your Notary Public expenses.
This option may not be a viable option for all businesses, and we would be more than happy to provide you with what our per visit pricing formula would be for your business location.